Help! I can't see my semester one data!

If you are looking for data belonging to a previous semester, but can't see it when you log in, it may be that you're logging in on a date that actually falls within the next semester. For example, if you've logged in to Accelerus Light on the 1st of July, according to the dates set out in the program, you are actually now in Semester 2. The same principle applies if you logged in expecting to see Semester 2 data but can't. You may now be logged into the subsequent year's Semester 1 cycle.

Don't worry! If you need to access data from a previous semester, you can. Check out the step by step instructions in this FAQ article: Can I still access the previous semester's data after the new semester has started?

If you need to access the data in the previous cycle in order to make changes to results, please make sure to unlock the academic cycle in the School Settings and Tools tile. Please note that if you are a teacher, you will need to speak to your school's report coordinator first. If the report coordinator is not sure how to help, they can then contact support on your behalf.