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Accelerus Data Tracking

Accelerus Data Tracking offers schools all of the features a school requires to configure, manage and record standardised testing, all via the Accelerus' web interface.

Key Features

  • Test results can be recorded anywhere, anytime*
  • View Distribution, Spread and Growth for all tests
  • See data for a specific group of students or an individual student
  • Students can be compared with their cohort (eg: Home Group, Year Level)
  • View and track student progress using vibrant and interactive graphs
  • Load raw data for students for a more detailed look
  • You may import most testing data via CSV files
  • Teachers may also enter test results manually, minimising the need for messy spreadsheets and paper records
  • View the history of a student's scores on different tests via the Student Profile window
Available Tests
AusVELS and Victorian Curriculum Booker BURT Reading Test
CARS and STARS English Online Essential Literacy Testing
Essential Numeracy Testing Fountas & Pinnell High Frequency Words
Letter ID Magic 100 Words Maths Online
Morrison and McCall NAPLAN Number Fluency Assessment
On Demand - Literacy On Demand - Numeracy Oxford Wordlist
PAT Comprehension PAT Grammar and Punctuation PAT Maths
PAT Reading PAT Science PAT Spelling
PAT Vocabulary Phonological Awareness PM Benchmarking
Probe SA Spelling Test SIngle Word Spelling Test
TORCH Waddington Reading Test Waddington Spelling Test
...and many more!

*Teachers and administrators must have access to the internet in order to record and view results in Data Tracking. There are also some quick, easy steps required to be completed by the administrator or data coordinator in order to be able to record results for each type of test.

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