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Accelerus Administrators

Accelerus schools with an up to date annual maintenance agreement are entitled to entitled to upgrades to the Accelerus program and its documentation. In addition, telephone, fax and email support and advice of a technical nature directly attributable to the use of the Accelerus program is covered by the agreement. Such support is available, excluding national public holidays and the two week Christmas close-down period, to the nominated Accelerus administrators:

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST

The Accelerus Licence and Annual Maintenance Agreement outlines the conditions associated with the payment of an annual maintenance fee. Excluded from the agreement are the formulation of queries, calculations or analyses, the setting up of specific reports, databases or templates, or other tasks that would properly fall under the umbrella of training or setup. However these services are available on a fee for service basis. Similarly, the provision of training or on site assistance is not covered by the standard annual maintenance fee.

The Accelerus Live Data and Privacy Policy applies to schools using live.accelerus.com.au.