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What do the messages mean when importing a Student XML file?

When you attempt to import an XML file into Accelerus Light, you will see message relating to the data being imported. Here is a list of the most common:

Students in the file that are not in the database

  • These are the new students, added since last semester. The action should be Add all new students.
  • Take note of the new students so that you can check they are appropriately enrolled in classes at a later step.

Students with multiple field variations

  • These variations are the assignment of the students to home groups and year levels, as well as the addition of prior scores from the last time they were assessed.
  • The action should be Change all students.

Potential code duplications

  • This usually comes up when a student's data in CASES21 does not match exactly with the data in the database for the particular student code and, therefore, it appears that the code is being duplicated.
  • In most cases it may simply be that one of the names is not the same, eg. the preferred name differs or the spelling is not correct. Assuming that CASES21 is correct, you would select the action Change all students.

Potential student duplications

  • This occurs when the name of a student being imported matches another in the database, but with a different student code.
  • It may be there are two students with the same or very similar names, in which case you would select Add new student. Otherwise, if the student's code is incorrect in Accelerus, you would correct this before proceeding.

Students who are not in the file

  • Where students have left the school since last semester, they will not be in the latest XML file from CASES21. Therefore, you should choose the option to set their end date.

Students in the file who are not current

  • The usual reason for this is that the student was once at the school, had left at a certain time and has now returned
  • To be able to import the XML file, you will first need to remove the student's end date so that the system will see them as "current"
  1. Select a date where the student was more than likely still at the school OR select any date which falls before the first semester you started using Accelerus.
    • For example, if the student was definitely at the school at the end of Semester 2, 2019, you could select August 30th 2019 in the date selector. Or if you started using Accelerus in Semester 2 2020, you can select ANY date that falls before then, like January 1st 2020.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, there is a calendar icon you can click to select a date
  3. Then, go to Manage Data
  4. Click Students
  5. Find the student and either double click them or click the “Edit” button at the top
  6. Remove the end date by clicking the “X” or by putting your cursor in the box and deleting it
  7. Then click Save
  8. Repeat 1-6 for any other students listed in that same group of messages
  9. Once they have all been done, attempt the XML import once again and you will be able to proceed with the import after checking any subsequent messages.