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What do I do if I get an error that says "error saving results"?

You may be experiencing the following error:

  • Saving of class results failed due to: Failure to connect to the server (the description of this error may vary depending on the issue at hand - the same steps below should be taken in an attempt to work around the issue)

The error screen may look like this: (scroll down for instructions on how to work around the error)

This error is usually caused by a loss of internet connection or due to the reporting server being unavailable. Often it is a temporary issue and can be resolved by the following:

  1. Ensure that the internet connection is working. If it is ok or you can reconnect the connection, click on the retry save.
  2. If the internet connection cannot be reconnected, or if the connection is fine but still unable to save, click Copy results.

  3. Use Ctrl+A to select all, or click and drag the mouse to highlight the results. Right click and select Copy, or press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy the results.
  4. Open Microsoft Word, Excel or Notepad and paste in the copied values – save this file. This is now a backup of the results that were not saving.
  5. Go into the browser where you are logged into Accelerus and refresh the page.
  6. If your internet connection is fine but results are still not saving, contact your report administrator at the school and let them know.
  7. Once the issue has been resolved, open the document where you pasted the unsaved values.
  8. Copy them from the document and paste them back into your class in Accelerus Light.

PLEASE NOTE that only report coordinator/administrators and contacts registered with support may call the Accelerus help desk, not each individual teacher who uses Accelerus Light. If you are a teacher experiencing the above issue, please speak directly to your report administrator at the school. If they are unable to help you, they should call the help desk. It can also be helpful if you are with them, or if they can have your laptop with them as they phone.