How to import student photos


This article explains how to import student photos. By importing student photos, teachers are able to view a student's image when writing or viewing student profiles. Schools may also choose to insert student photos on the cover page of their reports.

How to import photos

  1. Ensure student photo prerequisites are met
    • Ensure all student photos are stored in a single folder that is accessible from the computer being used for Accelerus Light.
    • Ensure all student photos have a valid graphic extension and that all use the same extension, eg. jpg, tif, etc.
    • While it is ideal that all of the photos are named using the student code, eg ABB0003.jpg, they may also be named using other student information such as the student's family and given name, eg. John Smith.jpg. The naming of the photos must be consistent from student to student and the names do not contain random characters.
  2. Go to the import student photos window
    • Login to Accelerus Light.
    • Click the Management option.
    • Click the Import and Export Data card.
    • Under Photo Import, select the Students option.
  3. Set the student photo name format

    As the naming format of student photos varies from school to school, you need to enter the correct naming format for your photos.

    In the File name pattern field, the text <Student Code>.jpg appears by default. This will accept any photos using the students code as the name of the file, that have a jpg extension. If you are using a different naming convention, follow the dot points below. If you use the student code, go to step 4.

  4. Determine the naming format, eg. a file with the name Smith, Johnny.jpg is using the student's family name, a comma and a space, then the student's preferred name, followed by the .jpg extension.

  5. Select the appropriate fields from the dropdown list and click the Insert pattern segment button to insert the appropriate fields into the name of the file. Text such as commas and spaces may be typed directly into the File name pattern box. The combination of text and fields must match the naming format of your student files, exactly. For example, for a format such as Smith, Johnny.jpg, you would do the following:
    • Delete the text in File name pattern field.
    • Click dropdown arrow and choose Family Name.
    • Click Insert pattern segment. This will add <Family Name>to the File name pattern.
    • After <Family Name>, in the File name pattern field, type a comma and a space.
    • From the dropdown box select Preferred Name.
    • Click Insert pattern segment. The File name pattern should now read - <Family Name>, <Preferred Name>
    • After the text <Preferred Name> in the File name pattern field, type .jpg. The completed file name should read <Family Name>, <Preferred Name>.jpg
  6. Select the photos to be imported
    • Click the Browse button.
    • Select the photos you want to upload. You may choose just one or multiple photos to upload.
    • Click OK.
  7. Import the photos
    • Select Next in the bottom right of the screen.
    • In the next window, a process bar will show the process of the photo upload for each student. Once the photos have been uploaded, a completion message will appear at the top of the page.
  8. Add photos to cover page
    • Contact Accelerus Light support if you wish to add a photo to the cover page of your student reports.