How to add a cover page


A cover page may be added to a report run each semester. Schools may choose to have the same or different cover pages each semester.

Adding the cover page

  1. Go to Process Reports
    • Log into Accelerus Light
    • Select Management at the top of the screen.
    • Select Process Reports
  2. Download the cover page
    • Select Download cover page template for editing. This will download a sample cover page template, usually to your Downloads folder, or wherever you choose to save it. Do not click on the file to open it from the Downloads menu but follow the steps in the next dot points.
  3. Modify the cover page
    • Find the cover page template, usually in the Downloads folder on your computer. This file is named Cover Page.dotx
    • Open the file by using right click then select Open.
      DO NOT double click on the file to open it as this will open it as a .docx file, not a .dotx file
    • Make any required changes to the cover page
    • Save the cover page, ensuring that it is still named Cover Page.dotx
  4. Upload the cover page
    • Open Process Reports through Accelerus Light
    • Click on Upload modified cover page
    • Click Browse and find and select the Cover Page.dotx that you edited
    • Click Open
    • Click Refresh configuration
Cover pages may be downloaded and uploaded as many times as required.