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This FAQ page answers many of the common queries and issues Accelerus Light report coordinators put to our support team.  The search box on the right may also help you find answers to any questions you may have.  Simply type a few keywords and hit enter.  (Eg: "import XML" or "missing column", etc) - See more at:


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How to add a subject description to a subject report?
What do I do if a column is missing from a class?
How can I print multiple PDFs or Word files in bulk
Frequently Asked Questions
How to remove the summary Curriculum Area/Strand graphics for a year level
The dot is in the incorrect position
There are no dots showing on the summary page
How to export a student XML file for importing into CASES21
What do the messages mean when importing a Student XML file?
How do I use the printer to staple reports and/or print in booklet form?
What is the best way to archive reports?
How to add a cover page
How to add a page break before work habits
How to import student photos
Help! I can't see my semester one data!
Can I still access the previous semester's data after the new semester has started?
What do the messages mean when importing a Home Groups CSV file?
What is the best way to allow for proofreading?
Why is the dotted line between the prior and current dot missing when I print out a report?
What to do when a new student arrives at the school mid semester
What do I do if I get an error that says "error saving results"?
What should the end date be when importing the student XML file?
What do I do when a student code has changed?
Should I set an end date when importing the student XML file?
Loading a class is slow for some teachers.
How do I clear the cache?
My file upload/import is taking too long - the blue progress bar stops halfway.
Do the comment boxes leave a large space if the comment does not reach the maximum size?
How much internet data will be consumed when working on Accelerus Light?
Why can't I see English or Maths on the summary page?
How to change the comment length?
What do I do when there are new teachers?
Who is able to contact the Accelerus Light Help Desk?
Is the comment box a set length or does it grow as the teacher enters comments?
Which browsers can be used for Accelerus Light and which are recommended?
Why do some teachers' computers not display correctly when in Accelerus Light?
How do I stop teachers changing results?
Can teachers continue to work on their results after the result entry date?
How do I set and adjust the result entry due date?
What do I do if a teacher forgets their password?
What do I do when a teacher leaves?
What to do when a student leaves mid semester and doesn't need a report
The student is in Accelerus but the teacher cannot see them in their class