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AusVELS information


The information contained in this article provides schools with teacher resources in regard to reporting on AusVELS. Schools requiring information regarding AusVELS curriculum should refer to the Department of Education resources.

Comparision of VELS and AusVELS progression points

VELS reporting used a series of progression points between 0.00 to 6.75. The AusVELS progression points range from 0.00 - 11.50. Once a school starts assessing to AusVELS, all Dimensions/Strands, whether AusVELS or VELS, will be assessed using the 0.00 - 11.50 scale.

The table listing the VELS progression points and equivalent AusVELS progression points


AusVELS progression points and ratings

The pdf document linked below lists the AusVELS progression points with their ratings for each year level in semesters 1 and 2.

Download the AusVELS algorithm table from here.