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How to export a student XML file from CASES21

This article gives step-by-step instructions for extracting a Student XML file from CASES21 for importing into Accelerus and Accelerus Light.

A new Student XML file must be imported into your Accelerus database at the beginning of each semester, and is often the best procedure for adding any new students at any point in the semester. Please note: You may import an XML as many times as you need without it affecting any existing results entered by teachers.


The CASES21 administrator must extract the student details from the Students -> Achievements section and select the current year and semester. eg. In Semester 1, 2021 the file that needs to be extracted is 2021.1. After the file has been created it must be provided to the Report Coordinator.


  1. In CASES21 click on Students.
  2. Click on Achievements.
  3. Click on Achievements Imports / Exports.
  4. Double click on Export Student Data.
  5. The Export XML window will open.
  6. Click on the Run button.
  7. Click OK on the instructions window.
  8. The Export an XML File of Data window will open.
  9. Select the location to where you want to export your Student XML file.
  10. Ensure that the correct year and semester are selected. For example, 2021.1 for Semester 1 2021.
  11. Select the campus information you wish to export. Single campus schools will have the number 1 defaulted in both fields.
  12. Click OK to proceed with the export.

The student XML file is now ready to be given to the Report Coordinator who must import the student XML file into the Accelerus database.

These instructions are provided by a third party. Semaphore Consulting cannot guarantee that these instructions are up-to-date due to third party program changes.

Assistance in extracting files to from CASES21 is not covered by Accelerus support. Schools having difficulty extracting or importing a file into CASES21 should contact the CASES21 Help Desk.