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Accelerus Light for Teachers

Accelerus Light has been designed to make entering assessments easy for teachers. This video will introduce you to Accelerus Light and below it is a list of some of the key features included in Accelerus Light and how they are of benefit to teachers.

Feature Benefit
Web interface for teachers
  • Teachers can work on reports anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Both Microsoft and Mac operating systems can be used.
  • Ability to enter results via iPads and tablets.
  • Teachers work directly into the database, eliminating the need to upload/download results.
  • Easy for teachers to work at multiple schools without changing software licences.
  • No need to install additional software on teacher computers.
  • Works on most recent web browsers.
Familiar application
  • Most teachers will already be familiar with the operation of the application reducing costs associated with staff retraining.
  • Uses a similar grid layout, but web based and modernised.
  • Uses the same comment bank approach, but enhanced and more powerful.
Previous results are viewable
  • Teachers can see what was written in previous reports to assist them in writing current reports
  • Reduces the likelihood of writing a comment similar to a previous comment.
  • At the beginning of the year assists teachers in gaining an understanding of their new students.
  • No need to export prior scores to Excel.
Comment databases stored online
  • Teachers do not lose comment databases when they get a new computer.
  • Administrators can proofread and modify teacher comment banks.
AusVELS graphics and prior scores visible on-screen
  • Helps teachers gain a better understanding of the new AusVELS scales by seeing where the dots are prior to printing.
  • Helps ensure that students are not shown to be regressing on AusVELS reports.
  • Provides additional checking options, so that fewer reprints are needed.
  • This functionality may be turned on or off by the school.
Student Profile
  • Classroom teachers, coordinators and administrators can see and optionally modify all results for their students in one location.
  • Home group teachers, year level coordinators or principals can review or proofread student results prior to adding their own comments.
  • Teachers have a single point of access to student information when conducting parent/teacher/student interviews.
  • Results are visible to staff without needing to be printed.
Student Photos
  • Makes it easy for teachers to ensure the correct students have been added to their class, even where there are students with the same name.
  • Helps teachers identify students at the start of the year.
  • A useful memory prompt for specialist teachers who teach and write reports for hundreds of students.
  • A visual aid to help teachers write the correct results for the correct student!
Shared classes
  • Teachers who share classes may both work on the same class at the same time.
  • Teachers sharing a class can see what the other teacher has written, increasing communication where teachers work on different days.
  • No need to create artifical teacher records just to list both names on the report.
  • Reduces the work for administrators and teachers involved as files to not need to be moved around and/or collaborated on.
Unified single student view
  • Teachers can work on all results for one student in a single screen.
  • Teachers can access all comment banks in one location.
  • If writing a report with multiple comment boxes (eg AusVELS reports) teachers can see all comment boxes at one time. This helps to ensure consistency and better coverage of information within the report.
Visual indication of outstanding results
  • Teachers can easily check the amount of work outstanding and can ensure all fields are completed prior to the report due date.
  • Saves time and money with fewer reprints and delays due to incomplete reports.
Visual indication of when reports are due
  • It is very clear how much time teachers have remaining until reports must be completed.
Compatible with Accelerus comment databases
  • No need to recreate comment databases that have already have hours of work put into them.
  • Easy to get ideas from other teachers to help write comments.
Colour coded columns
  • Easy for teachers who share classes to identify which columns they need to complete.
  • Helps to visually sort assessment items to make it easier to find and analyse results.
Full result history available
  • Teachers and administrators can easily see who changed results and when.
  • Easy to restore an old result if it has been deleted by mistake.
Updated user interface
  • Easy for teachers to navigate.
  • Interesting interface to use when spending hours writing reports!

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