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Accelerus Light for Administrators

Accelerus Light uses a similar approach to assessment and reporting as Quick Vic and MarkBook, but thoroughly updated and modernised. This video will introduce you to Accelerus Light and below it are some of the features and benefits for administrators especially as compared to Quick Vic or MarkBook.

Feature Benefit
  • Being based on the same approach to reporting as Quick Vic, report coordinators will find Accelerus Light very familiar including:
    • Editing of students, teachers, subjects and classes.
    • Quick Setup (similar yet enhanced).
    • Interactions with CASES 21.
    • Importing and exporting of data.
Single database
  • All historic data stored in one place.
  • No need to setup each semester from scratch.
Subject and class generator
  • Allows the creation and maintenance of specialist subjects, classes and enrolments in one quick step.
  • Easy to add new students or classes as required.
  • Ensures consistency of data between years and semesters.
Wizards for year and semester setup
  • Easier to keep track of which steps of the setup have been completed.
  • Reduces the chance of errors in the setup.
Fast report printing
  • Accelerus takes 1–5 seconds to collate a student report as compared to 1–2 minutes with Quick Vic.
  • Reduced turnaround time from completion of report writing to actual hard copy output.
Enhanced Quick Setup
  • Ability to filter subjects to focus on a single year level or subject area at a time.
  • Ability to fill left and right to speeds up the configuration of the Quick Setup.
  • Quick Setup can be printed allowing curriculum personnel to review a hard copy to check for AusVELS coverage.
School configurable Quick Setup options for AusVELS
  • Option of a four or five point work habit scale
  • Previously mandated fields are now optional.
  • Ability to specify up to eight work habits.
  • Maximum comment lengths for each comment type can be set up front.
Password protected security
  • Teachers have access to aspects of the application based on their class, subject, cohort and school roles.
  • Accelerus can hook into Active Directory for authentication so teachers don't have to remember another password.
AusVELS analyses
  • Track student progress over multiple years.
  • Obtain lists of students achieving below the expected level
  • Obtain lists of students who have not shown progress in the last 12 months.
Informative messages prior to changes being made
  • Administrators have a greater understanding of the changes and can double check that the correct changes are being made.
  • Applies to importing of data and bulk data manipulation tools.
Bulk delete of records
  • Quick to remove records created in error.
Access to all data
  • Report coordinators have full access to data using standard data entry screens.
  • Results can be easily proofread and modified.
  • No need to gain access to a teacher's offline file in order to change results.
  • Easy to troubleshoot when teachers are notify administrators of extra or missing classes, assessments or enrolments.

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