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What Is Accelerus?

The Accelerus team has over 20 years experience building strong relationships in the education sector. We work with the school community to continually improve our software solutions, making the process seamless and always relevant. We are dedicated to developing software that’s forward thinking, creating a personalised learning experience that engages and inspires.


About Accelerus

  • Accelerus is an easy to use, intelligent, intuitive assessment and reporting tool, enabling Foundation-12 schools to influence every student’s individual learning outcomes, through the process of recording, tracking, analysing and reporting on student milestones.
  • Teachers can record all of their assessment, NAPLAN, and standardised testing results in Accelerus, enabling it to be used as a centrally located, secure database, which can be accessed at any time, to instantly produce a current student profile.
  • Accelerus caters to the changing needs of the Australian National Curriculum - so student assessment milestones are always relevant, ensuring schools are focusing on the most up to date curriculum requirements.
  • You can also access Accelerus via the web. This enables teachers to access their class files using any web browser, without needing a windows operating system.
  • Accelerus stores all student assessment data in an historical database over time, allowing schools to run analytical queries to track student performance at any time. Principals and administrators are able to run analyses and extract data across any area of the database, for example, differing year levels, key learning areas, student cohorts, subjects, etc, identifying trends and subsequently responding to the changing needs of students and teachers.


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