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What do I do if a column is missing from a class?

There can be several reasons why a teacher cannot see a column in one of their classes.

  1. The teacher has hidden the column. Go to View > All results and see if the column is the visible.
  2. The Curriculum Areas/Strands are in the quick setup however the administrator has not yet clicked the Build button.
    • The administrator should go to the Quick Setup and look at the strands that the teacher says it not visible.
    • If the cell is a purple colour, it means they should click the Build button
    • If there are no letters in the cell, the administrator should make the correct changes to the Quick Setup panel, click Save and click Build. For more information, see the chapter on Quick Setup in the training notes (Chapter 6).
  3. The column has been added after the initial columns were built, and is at the far end of the columns.
    • If a column is not in the place the teacher expects they can go to View > Reset system order to view the columns in the original order.