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Accelerus Light Administrators

Accelerus Light Administrators

Accelerus Light schools with an up to date annual subscription are entitled to telephone, fax and email support and advice of a technical nature directly attributable to the use of the Accelerus Light program, where such support is not of a training nature. Such support is available, excluding public holidays and the two week Christmas close-down period, to the nominated Accelerus Light administrators:

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST

Schools with an annual subscription are also entitled to upgrades to the Accelerus Light program and any associated documentation.

The Accelerus Light Licence and Annual Subscription Agreements may be accessed below - one applies to Catholic Education South Australia schools and the general agreement to all other Accelerus Light schools.

The agreements outline the conditions associated with the payment of an annual subscripion fee. The provision of training or on site assistance is not covered by the standard subscription fee but is available on a fee-for-service basis.

Please note that some of the Support sections on the Accelerus website apply only to users of Accelerus and not Accelerus Light. Please ensure you select Accelerus Light pages if your school uses Accelerus Light. Otherwise, you may be viewing inapplicable information.


  • Guides

    The guides listed below are available to Accelerus Light administrators to assist them in their set up and ongoing use of Accelerus Light.

    Many of these guides provide step by step instructions, particularly useful when moving from one academic cycle or year to the next. Other guides focus on particular processes or Accelerus Light users.

    Full details, including steps and examples, on all of the Accelerus Light windows and processes can be found in the Accelerus Light training notes which were emailed to the report coordinators prior to the training course.

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  • Troubleshooting

    Click here to return to the main FAQ page, or select an item below.

    This FAQ page answers many of the common queries and issues Accelerus Light report coordinators put to our support team.  The search box on the right may also help you find answers to any questions you may have.  Simply type a few keywords and hit enter.  (Eg: "import XML" or "missing column", etc) - See more at:

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