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How do I use the printer to staple reports and/or print in booklet form?

If you wish the reports to be automatically stapled or to print in booklet format you must choose the following printing options:

  1. Produce a zip file containing individual student reports optionally grouped by folder.
    • If you wish to print all these reports at once, rather than a home group or year level at a time, it is recommended you select the File name of Student code or Student Details.
  2. Unzip the reports
  3. Go to the printer properties of your printer and ensure that stapling and booklet format are enable as required
    • These settings vary widely between printer manufacturers and not all printers have the same functionality. If you are not sure if your printer can staple documents, or are not sure how to set the relevant settings and defaults, please refer to the manufacturer's documentation, which can commonly be found online on their website if you don't have a hard copy on hand. A quick Google search of the make and model of the printer should find it for you.
  4. Open the printer queue (go to Control panel > Devices and Printers > Double click on your printer)
  5. Drag the files from the unzipped reports into the printer's queue.
    • It is recommended that you test the settings on a small number of student reports (at least 2 students) to ensure that your settings are working as required.


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