Data Tracking

The Data Tracking module allows a school to view the distribution, spread and growth of students in their Victorian Curriculum curriculum scores.

AusVELS Spread graph

General features

Dropdown selections

The three different pages contain a series of dropdown selection fields that control the data that is displayed in the graphs and the listing. The following selections may be made, in combination with each other:

If you are curently working in semester 2 2015, as displayed in the title bar, the graphs will relate to the students, their year levels, subjects, etc, that they were in during semester 2 2015. Then, when you select a semester for a particular graph, the data will be that for the current students at the chosen semester. For example, if you are working in semester 2 2015 and you choose Year 3 students and semester 2 2014, you will be displaying the semester 2 2014 data for those who are in Year 3 in 2015. Therefore, in order to view semester 2 2015 data, you must have set up this semester in Accelerus Light.

To move back to an earlier semester, select a date in that semester via the date picker in the top right of the home page.

Displaying details

You may display and hide data in several ways:


The steps you use to print the graphs will depend on your browser:

Note the following about printing:

Interpreting the graphs

Distribution graph

This graph displays, for the selections made, the percentage and number of students that are at the expected level of achievement, and the distribution above and below this.

The achievements are divided into seven categories:

Spread graph

This graph displays the spread of students across all of the Curriculum scores. Within the one graph, the whole school may be graphed, with each progression point showing the breakdown of students in each level who have achieved that particular progression point. Alternatively, you may choose to graph just one year level, one home group, or the students enrolled in a particular subject or class.

Growth graphs

The Growth page maps the growth of students between two semesters, with the user choosing the end semester and the growth period, eg 6 months growth, 12 months, etc.

This page is made up of several graphs and tables, all referencing the same data. There is a legend at the bottom of the graphs that applies across all three graphs and tables.