Why is the dotted line between the prior and current dot missing when I print out a report?

This may be due to the quality of the built-in printing functionality of your web browser.

Rather than opening the file in the web browser do the following:

  1. Download and save the file/s
    • After you have processed the report, click the Download hyperlink
    • If you have an option to Open or Save select Save. If no option is given simply close off the web browser
  2. Open the saved file/s in a software program such as Adobe Reader, or equivalent
    • Go to where you saved the file.  If you are not sure where the file was saved, check the Downloads folder of the computer you’re using
    • Double click the pdf file and it should open in Adobe Reader or some equivalent program.
  3. Print the reports
    • Using the printing steps of the program you have opened the file with, send the files to the printer.