Goals Management System

The Accelerus Goals Management System has been created in response to the requests and input of many special educators from diverse schools. Their dedication to the needs of children inspired us to create software that would not only assist school accountability and teacher work-flows, but more importantly, could help improve the learning outcomes for each individual child.


"Western Autistic School believes that students with an ASD can be equipped with the skills that enable them to achieve their unique potential"...  Liz Richardson Assistant Principal.

What is our Goals Management System?

The Goals Management System assists schools with developing individual learning programs for their students. Goals may be individually crafted or drawn from a bank of goals and customised, which ensures every student has appropriate goals. A history of progress, including anecdotal updates and school defined ratings, can be recorded against each goal. These ratings can be used to plot progress towards completion of the goal over time. Examples of where schools may use Goals Management System include:





Some key benefits of this software:

To learn more about the Accelerus Goals Management System and how it can benefit your school, call us on (03) 8877 7688 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.