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How to add a subject description to a subject report?


This article explains how to add a description to a subject report. On a full page report the subject description will print before the domain and dimension graphic and or on a part page the description will print before the teacher comment.

How to add a description

  • Adding descriptors manually to each subject
    • Log into Accelerus Light
    • Click on the Management menu
    • Click on Manage Data
    • Click on Subjects
    • Open the subject you want to add the description to
    • Type the subject description in the Subject description box
    • Click Save
    • Click Close
    • Repeat for any other subjects
  • How to add descriptors in bulk
    • It is possible to import descriptions in bulk using the subject csv file import. Contact Accelerus Light help if you wish to do this.

Any descriptions added will automatically appear on the printed reports.