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How to export the Victorian Curriculum prior scores in an Excel spreadsheet


This tool allows schools to export out a spreadsheet of Victorian Curriculum progression points. These are based on current classes and assessments. Progression points may be exported for the current semester or any previous semester where the curriculum area was assessed. A separate worksheet is created for each class within the spreadsheet. The scores in the spreadsheet are the average scores for the student in that curriculum area.


    Ensure that classes and enrolments have been set up for the semester Ensure the Quick Setup has been finalised and built.

How to export the prior scores to an Excel spreadsheet from Accelerus

  1. Go to Management
  2. Select Import and Export Data
  3. Click on Prior Scores Excel
  4. In Subjects to export choose either Export all subjects or Export selected subjects
  5. In Semester to export select the semesters from which you wish to extract progression points. For example if you want the Semester 1 2017 progression points tick 2017 Semester 1. You may select more than one semester, however note that as Victorian Curriculum changed in 2017, only English and Mathematics data will be available prior to 2017.
  6. Click Next
  7. If you selected Export select subjects, choose the subjects you wish to export and click Next. This step will be skipped if you choose Export all subjects.
  8. Wait for the file to be created.
  9. Click Download