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Accelerus Licencing and Privacy

This page is for schools using the full version of Accelerus, covering the appropriate licensing, maintenance, support and privacy terms for on-premise and hosted usage.

Accelerus is both an on-premise and hosted sofware solution for schools. When run on-premise, the school is totally responsible for the creation, management and maintenance of its Accelerus SQL database and IIS webservice on its own servers. In its hosted form, the school's SQL database is stored on Semaphore's Microsoft Azure servers, with maintenance of the database and the webservice being the responsibility of Semaphore Consulting Pty Ltd.

The licencing, maintenance and support terms of usage are substantially the same for both on-premise and hosted schools. However, privacy issues particularly apply to hosted schools, who directly access their data on the Azure servers and whose teachers use live.accelerus.com.au. In addition, the Accelerus Live Licence agreement applies to such schools also.

The Accelerus Licence Agreement covers the general terms of usage for the full version of Accelerus, and the annual maintenance and support agreement that a school may enter into. Download PDF
Accelerus Live Data and Privacy Policy Download PDF
Accelerus Live Licence Agreement Download PDF