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Comparison between Quick Vic, Accelerus Light and Accelerus

The article contains a comparison of the features found in Quick Vic, Accelerus Light and Accelerus.

A tick indicates that the feature is contained in the software. "Add-On" indicates that an addtional module may be purchased.

Feature Quick Vic Accelerus Light Accelerus
Supports Victorian Curriculum  
Web Interface  
Offline file access  
New database each semester    
Single historic database  
Modern user interface  
Report Production speed (approximate per student) 60–90 secs 1–5 secs 1–5 secs
Teachers can see previous results  
Comment databases stored centrally in the main database  
Teachers can see the AusVELS graphics and prior scores  
Student Profile  
Student Photos  
Unified single student view  
Visual indicator of results not yet filled in  
Shared classes   Up to two teachers Unlimited teachers
Import Quick Vic comment databases
Colour coded columns  
Result history while assessing   Web only
Customised assessment items    Fee for service
Data analysis   Limited Unlimited
Report due notification  
Number of AusVELS work habits 2 - Effort & Behaviour Up to 8 Up to 8
AusVELS work habits scale (4 or 5 point) 4 point 4 or 5 point 4 or 5 point
Pre-modification of AusVELS templates via RTF files   Add-on
Ability to filter the subjects shown in the quick setup  
Ability to fill left/right in the quick setup  
Rollover and new semester wizards  
Ability to copy quick setup options for a previous semester  
Different comment lengths for AusVELS comment fields Manually Manually or automatically Manually or automatically
Password protection on teacher files
Student custom properties   Limited Unlimited
Student cohort groups Year Level and
Home Group
Year Level and
Home Group
Customisable teacher's security   Limited
Security via Active Directory     Optional
Bulk deletion of records  
Year Level, Home Group and Subject Coordinator access to results  
Online result checking  
Bulk code change    
Detailed messages describing potential changes  
Subject and Class generator  
Teacher markbook functionality Add-on
School designed custom report layouts    Fee for service
Create unlimited assessment items    
Create unlimited marking schemes for validation    
Create unlimited report runs (eg interim, VCE, VCAL)    

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