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Upgrade from Quick Vic

If you’re from a government school in Victoria you would be very familiar with Quick Vic Reporting, the software package chosen by the Victorian Government for the implementation of a student reporting system, based on the Australian Curriculum and Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS).

Quick Vic Reporting allows both primary and secondary schools to comply with the Government’s AusVELS reporting requirements for semester reports, however it lacks flexibility and is very limited in its capacity to manage and track student performance over time. Furthermore, Quick Vic Reporting will not be updated to include Victorian Curriculum reports. This makes effective reporting difficult and limits the ability for educators to really make a difference as there is no way to keep up to date with Victorian reporting standards and as well as missing out on historical data to benchmark for planning purposes. What’s the alternative? Accelerus!

Click here for a comparison between Quick Vic Reporting, Accelerus Light and Accelerus.

Why Accelerus?

The team at Accelerus is focused and passionate about creating education software solutions that can transform learning. Accelerus is committed to continually meeting the education needs of a changing curriculum e.g. introduction on the Victorian Curriculum, which means that you will always be up to date and in touch. We are dedicated to developing software that’s forward thinking and creates a personalised learning experience that engages and inspires.

Accelerus has an easy to use graphical user interface, greater flexibility, extra features and enhanced functionality. Some schools prefer to use Accelerus purely for its advanced analysis and data storage capabilities - Accelerus stores all student assessment data in an historical database over time, allowing schools to run complex analytical queries to track student performance. Teachers can record all of their assessment, NAPLAN, and standardised testing results in Accelerus, enabling it to be used as a centrally located, secure database which can be accessed at any time to instantly produce a current student profile.

Accelerus can do so much more than Quick Vic Reporting and most other reporting programs on the market and is much easier to use and far more efficient, which means it will save you time. Accelerus can also be web enabled, and optionally, hosted in the cloud on one of our secure Microsoft Azure servers, located in Victoria, Australia. This enables teachers to access their class files using any web browser, without needing a windows operating system, which is an added benefit for teachers with Apple computers and devices such as iPads and other tablets.

In addition, Accelerus is growing quickly, with the addition of our new modules, so if you choose to, you can access new product features & functionality when they become available. Here are just some of the new product modules that will be available soon in Accelerus:

  • Data Tracking - being able to visually analyse and track testing and AusVELS assessments for individual students or wider cohorts across multiple years;
  • Attendance - recording attendance data such as explained/unexplained absences, late arrivals, etc;
  • Student Welfare management - keep track of student welfare, including incident reports etc;
  • Timetabling - managing students across different classes, subjects, groups and their teachers.


What about Accelerus Light?

Accelerus Light is a simplified solution to your school's reporting needs. We have taken into account the most common uses of Quick Vic Reporting and created a powerful option for schools requiring an easy, fast way of reporting. Accelerus Light schools also have the option to add on modules such as those mentioned above, so if your school is looking for something that will save even more time and money, with the ability to be set up and ready for reporting within a matter of hours (instead of days!), Accelerus Light may be the choice for you.  Click here for more information.


Differences between Quick Vic Reporting and Accelerus

Click here for a comparison between Quick Vic Reporting, Accelerus Light and Accelerus.


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