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Upgrade from MarkBook

The team at Accelerus is focused and passionate about creating education software solutions that can transform learning. We are also committed to offering our customers the best possible service, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the benefits of moving over to Accelerus.

There is a common misconception that may be preventing you from taking the next step and switching to Accelerus, namely cost. It may surprise you therefore, that there is no additional cost associated with the upgrade from MarkBook to Accelerus. The only cost is related to training and this is a once off fee.

Why Accelerus?

Accelerus is committed to continually meeting the education needs of a changing curriculum e.g. introduction on the National Curriculum, which means that you will always be up to date and in touch. We are dedicated to developing software that’s forward thinking, creating a personalised learning experience that engages and inspires! Accelerus has an easy to use graphical user interface, greater flexibility, extra features and enhanced functionality. Some schools prefer to use Accelerus purely for its advanced analysis and data storage capabilities. Accelerus stores all student assessment data in an historical database over time, allowing schools to run complex analytical queries to track student performance. Teachers can record all of their assessment, NAPLAN, and standardised testing results in Accelerus, enabling it to be used as a centrally located, secure markbook database which can be accessed at any time to instantly produce a current student profile. Basically, it can do so much more than MarkBook and most other reporting programs on the market and is much easier to use and far more efficient, which means it will save you time. Also, you can access Accelerus via the web. This enables teachers to access their class files using any web browser, without needing a windows operating system, which is an added benefit for teachers with Macs.

In addition, Accelerus is compatible with all of our new programs, so if you choose to, you can access new product features & functionality when they become available. Here are just some of the new product extensions that will be available soon:

  • Timetabling (managing students across different classes, subjects, groups and their teachers);
  • Goals Management System (helping schools manage students' individual needs).


Differences between MarkBook and Accelerus

To view a 10 minute video on the benefits of moving from MarkBook to Accelerus click here, alternatively a quick reference guide of the key differences between MarkBook and Accelerus is demonstrated below:

MarkBook Accelerus
Reports in MarkBook can take hours to print Significantly faster printing as individual reports are printed within seconds
Comment Banks can only be owned by teachers and only one comment bank at a time can be used Greater flexibility with the storage, creation and maintenance of comment banks. Comment Banks can be accessed at a School wide level, as well as by individual teachers. Teachers may also create comment banks for their own use. All comment banks are stored and saved in the Accelerus database
Only basic security is available Improved security. Teachers must log into Accelerus so access levels can be customised to suit your school’s requirements. Access can be limited to specific entities (e.g. subjects, classes etc) and tasks (e.g. creating assessment items, modifying results, controlling enrolments etc.)
Multiple programs – Central, Assessment Writer, Subject Coordinator’s Module, Results Analyser, etc Instead of multiple programs Accelerus is one program used by all users, whether administrators, coordinators or teachers
Assessment of students in a basic grid Easier and broader manipulation of assessment data. Student photos may be displayed in class files while assessing students. Teachers can also colour columns as per their preference
Basic user interface Improved user interface which is easy to use and navigate through
Only one teacher can be assigned per class Multiple teachers may be assigned to classes and can work on their own copy of the class simultaneously
Online help does not function with Windows 7 Extensive online help including analyser examples and full documentation
Separate Single Student View and comment tutor, neither of which allowed for all of the functions teachers required Improved Single Student View which combines result entry and comment composition while drawing on multiple comment banks
Unable to view the graphic results in teacher class files Graphic results are displayed in teachers' classes, e.g. VELS dot points
Classes automatically have the name and description of the subject. No customisation of class names or descriptions Each class has the option of having its own Class name and description if required
Up to 2 student groups may be defined Unlimited student groups may be defined. These are referred to as cohorts.
All subjects and cohorts belong to a full year, no customisation of timelines allowed Academic categories and cycles allow you to specify your school’s subject and cohort timelines. This allows for term and elective subjects to be created, which only run for shorter periods of time
Only a limited number of student fields Customised student properties may be created, e.g. email, address, duplicate reports, aboriginal status, ESL, NAPLAN, PAT etc...
Update server not easily accessible or configurable

Remote control of the synchroniser allows the Synchroniser application to be started or stopped remotely from another computer. The Synchroniser can be easily installed and controlled as a Windows service.

Assessment items must be created manually within Central Assessment Items can be imported and exported via CSV files.
Year organiser allowed only a limited ability to set up the new year Rollover windows provides the ability to rollover data from cycle to cycle, e.g. Semester 1 to Semester 2, not only years as well as the ability to select specific records and a preprocess option to see the effect of proceeding with the rollover.


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