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September, 2011. 
Accelerus Web   Is Here ...
Thank You!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Accelerus newsletter for Administrators. We hope you are enjoying the information we have provided you so far. If you would like to see something different or have any other suggestions, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Also, for those of you who forwarded the 'Accelerus teacher newsletter' we sent you last month, thank you! Teachers that register will start receiving information tailored to their needs, reducing their reliance on you. We're hoping that's something you will appreciate.

The next issue of the teacher newsletter will be available in October. It will have information about new teacher training videos as well as other useful tips, so please pass it on to your teaching staff.  Previous copies of the newsletter can be found on our web site, click here

Web Based Version of Accelerus Available Now ...
Schools are now able to download the web based version for teachers. Accelerus Web is particularly useful for teachers with Apple Mac computers, as it can run through a web browser - teachers no longer need to run Windows, or a Windows emulator to do their reports.

Another advantage is that you don’t need to install Accelerus on every teacher computer, only one server installation of the software is required.

Accelerus Web requires the following:
  • Microsoft IIS Server
  • Your Accelerus database must be a SQL Accelerus database
  • Technical knowledge at the school to set up and maintain SQL servers and websites, as this is not included as part of Accelerus support

You can use a combination of offline files, direct database login and web. Note: Accelerus Web is for teachers only. Anyone wanting to undertake administrative tasks will still use Accelerus direct database login. For further information and to install the latest version of Accelerus Web click here.

Latest Build For Accelerus...

Are you on the latest build of Accelerus? 
Click here to download Build 4049. All computers which use an Accelerus direct database login (including the Synchroniser), should be updated to the latest build. It is not necessary to update computers using offline files. 

Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • New security settings
  • Print filters
  • Test print 

New Security Setting
A new permission, Administer Student, has been added to School Roles, from Build 4019 and higher. Any school roles that require permission to create or update student records/details, must have this new permission ticked. Go to Tools > Security > School Roles.

Print filters
New print filters which allow printing to include or exclude sections of the reports based on teacher, subject and class filters.  For example you could choose to exclude the whole report if the student was taught by Mary Blue or John Green as they haven’t completed their reports.

Test print
Gives the subject level when test printing instead of a random year level.  You can also select subjects from multiple years levels to test print. Note: if you have home group fields included in the test print, it will still insert a random home group.




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