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August 2011 
Helping You More...

Accelerus support has multiplied, with the release of not 1, but 2 newsletters! In addition to this newsletter for Accelerus administrators, we are also offering a newsletter specifically designed for teachers.
We want to ensure that you are always up to date with changes to Accelerus and on the ball with any new 'tips & tricks'. If you are not already taking advantage of the full potential available to you through Accelerus, our regular updates will get you back on track, giving you more access to tools and resources, when you need them most!
Remember this is your newsletter, so please tell us what you think. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Newsletter For Teachers...

Teachers will have the opportunity to subscribe to their own newsletter, giving them access to our newly developed training videos and other important time-saving information.
We want to improve their skills and at the same time lessen your workload.

The first issue will be emailed shortly to all Accelerus administrators. We would appreciate it if you would forward that email on to all your teaching staff.

What's New With Accelerus?

Here is a short list of our favourite things that make reporting simpler and faster for you:

Alerts / Warnings - Teachers are warned when an attempt to save a class is not possible, due to invalid results

Character Count Notifications - Clearer notification to teachers that they are reaching the comment maximum, with the current character count always shown in the status bar, regardless of whether there is a comment maximum or not

Comment Banks - Teachers can open and print any comment bank that they have access to, although they will still not be able to modify a school comment bank. Multiple comment banks can also be printed from the Comment Bank Explorer

The Welcome Screen:
  • Clearly informs teachers that their offline file contains changes that have not been synchronised
  • Displays the actual role for each class, plus the number of classes for each role. The same is true for subject and cohort roles
  • Allows the records under each role to be hidden or viewed
  • School Settings - a new feature is available to determine whether teachers can type beyond the number of allowed characters in comments, although they will not be allowed to save. One option will not allow teachers to type beyond the allowed length. The other allows them to keep typing, but the whole comment box turns red. Teachers therefore, will clearly know when they have invalid results

    If your school is converting from MarkBook to Accelerus, you should download the notes that accompany the latest build to ensure that you have installation instructions, understand the implications of the latest build, and have an overview of the differences between MarkBook and Accelerus. Go to our website: click on the 'Information' link and then select 'Converting from MarkBook to Accelerus Release Notes'. You should also attend Accelerus training.

    Move Over To Accelerus For Simpler, Faster Reporting....

    Benefits of Accelerus Vs MarkBook:

    - Faster processing of reports
    - User-defined academic structure
    - Multiple teachers per class
    - Student photos
    - Customised security options
    - and much more....... 

    Have you been thinking about moving over to Accelerus, but are unsure about the transition? Here are some of the things other schools are saying after switching over:

    "I am very impressed with how Accelerus works and the new functions. Also relieved how well information has transferred over from MarkBook."   Tanya - Cedar College

    "As semester one comes to an end I would like to express our thanks to all at Accelerus for the wonderful support given to me & our school with the introduction of the new program.  We met all our pre-determined timelines.  I would recommend this program to any school looking for reporting software."  Derrick .A. Hickman - Hampton Park Secondary College 

    "I would like to say a huge thanks to Accelerus!!  The amount of time I saved today on printing was AMAZING!!  Previously our Year 12 reports took just over 2 hours to print – today they only took me 15 minutes!!!! Now I’m actually looking forward to printing the rest of the year levels in the next few days to see how much faster they are!  It has helped me catch up on the time lost from teachers being so late with their deadlines".   Kelli Corcoran - Whitefriars Catholic College For Boys



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