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2011 October Teacher Newsletter

October, 2011.
Learning Just
Got Easier...
Registering For Benefits...

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Accelerus newsletter for teachers. If you haven't registered your details with us yet, click here. Registering will ensure we regularly update you with new tips, changes to the Accelerus program and other important information, including additions and updates to our teacher training videos.

If you missed our last newsletter, previous copies can be found on our web site, click here.

Now Available - Comment Bank Video Series!

It’s that time of year again. Reports to write and comments to compose. Lots and lots of comments ... don’t despair! Check out our latest teacher videos, where we introduce you to comment banks and show you how to use them.

The introduction of the Comment Bank video series means that you now have access to up to 10 different training videos to help with your reporting needs. Remember you can access the videos whenever you like, as you may need to refresh your skills and knowledge once the new school year starts. Click here to access the video tutorials now, otherwise here's a summary of what's available on our site:

Getting Started Series:

  1. Introduction to Accelerus
  2. Entering Results in the Results Grid
  3. Customising the Results Grid
  4. How To Collect and Synchronise an Offline File

Comment Bank Series:

  1. Introduction To Comment Banks
  2. How to Use Comment Banks
  3. How to Create a Teacher Comment Bank
  4. How To Export a Comment Bank
  5. How To Import a Comment Bank CSV file
  6. How To Import a MarkBook Comment Bank
Written guides are also available on the site, just click here.

Handy Tips On Working With Offline Files...

Where are the backups of my offline file?

Whenever you save changes to your offline file, Accelerus creates a backup copy of the file in the folder where your offline file is stored. Your offline file has a windows file extension of .aof and the backup file has an extension of .bak. This backup is the most recent backup of your offline file.

In addition, we also store up to ten backups in your windows Temp folder. This folder can be accessed from the windows Start button by typing %temp% into the search cell and clicking on the Temp folder shown in the list returned. From the Temp folder, open the Accelerus folder and from this folder open the AOF Backups folder. Here you will see up to ten backups, with the highest backup number being the second most recent backup. Each time you save your offline file, the most recent backup file is moved to the %temp% folder and a new backup is created in the folder containing your offline file.




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