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2011 August Teacher Newsletter

1st Issue - August 2011
Teacher Resources Now Available...

Welcome to the first edition of the Accelerus teacher newsletter! We will bring you time saving tips, links to resources, alerts and updates to the program, all designed to lighten your load and lessen the time consuming task of assessment and reporting.

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New Website For Teachers

The Accelerus team is committed to making the task of reporting easier for teachers! To access your teacher resources, go to:

Teacher Videos Are Now Available

Are you new to Accelerus? Would you like to know more, but haven't got the time? Go to, click on the Videos link and watch the Getting Started series. Each video runs for about 5 minutes. They are an ideal introduction to Accelerus, or as a refresher before the report writing season starts again.

Here is a summary of what you will find:
  • Introduction to Accelerus for Teachers
  • Entering Results in the Results Grid
  • Customising the Result Grid
  • How to Collect and Synchronise an offline file

Did You Know?

Collecting an offline file
  • If working with an offline file you need only collect it from the Accelerus database once. From then on, each time you make changes to your offline file, or at the beginning of a new reporting cycle, such as a new year, just synchronise your existing offline file with the database.
  • Once you have collected and logged in to your offline file, each time you open Accelerus to the Accelerus Login screen, the offline file will be listed as the most recently used file and you can then login to it.

Reordering your assessment item columns

  • You can change the order of your assessment item columns by clicking on the assessment item's column heading and then dragging the column into the required order

Class Assessment Items

  • Did you know that you can create your own assessment items to record results for students? Go to the Results menu, select Class Assessment Items > New Class Assessment Item or click on the icon in the Toolbar. Enter a code, description and marking scheme. The marking scheme determines the results you can give for the assessment.



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