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2012 February Admin Newsletter

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February, 2012. 
New Version Of Accelerus Now Available...
Welcome Back! 

We hope you enjoyed your break and are still feeling refreshed and ready to start the new year with energy and enthusiasm! Before that summer tan begins to fade and your holidays become a distant memory, it's a good time to start considering what worked well last year and how you can improve in 2012.   

In this edition we focus on helping you get organised for the new school year, covering the following areas;
  • New Version Of Accelerus - what's changed?
  • Downloading the new version
  • Entering Results for Shared Classes
  • Subject Explorer
  • Rollover
  • Notes on Starting a New Year

Accelerus Version 1.2 is Now Available! 
New Accelerus Benefits 

The new build is packed with enhancements that all users will appreciate. Some of these include: 
  • Active directory integration, so that teachers may be authenticated using their Windows login credentials
  • Context sensitive online help
  • New look Analyser, with many new features and permissions
  • Easier comment entry in Single Student View
  • More logical placement of menu options and several user interface enhancements
  • The backing up of offline files and log files to different locations, rather than to the Temp directory, which may not always be available for all users.

For more details on the above enhancements, click here

Downloading the New Version

The new build is available to schools with an up to date Accelerus support agreement. Schools will need to have paid their support invoice or committed in writing to continuing with Accelerus support, to download the new build. These schools will then be supplied with a download password and their school's Accelerus license file. If you have already received your password and license details, you can access the download instructions via our website, or just click here

Entering Results in a Shared Class

More than one teacher can be assigned to a class with each teacher of the class having the same or different permissions to perform tasks on the class, such as entering results. When a class is saved and/or synchronised only changed results are updated, so each teacher can be responsible for entering different results without affecting the other’s results. The only time one teacher’s result will be overwritten by the other’s is if both teachers change a result for the same student for the same assessment item. If this occurs, the teacher’s result with the most recent date/time stamp (i.e. the date/time when the result was saved) will be the result retained in the database. Teachers working in an offline file will be informed at the time of synchronisation if their colleague’s result/s overwrote their own result/s.





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