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2011 November Admin Newsletter

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November, 2011. 
Spring is here and so are end of year reports
Nearing the end of 2011...

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Accelerus newsletter for administrators. Click here for a complete list of the Accelerus administrator newsletter, or click here for previous copies of the Accelerus teacher newsletter.   

It's almost the end of the year and we are well into term 4. This is a good time to get organised, so that you can enjoy the silly season along with everyone else! If you have recently made the switch to Accelerus, it's a good time to tidy up your database and get organised for next year. The featured articles below will help you with this and also give you an overview on:
  • Template slots
  • How to have more than one teacher for a class?
  • Printing all teacher names on a report

Getting Organised Before End of Year Reports ...
Template slots

Template slots are used in report runs to determine the order in which subject templates print. You can create a slot within a report run portion and then add subjects to the slot, OR you can assign a slot name to each subject in the subject details window and then, when adding subjects to a portion, have the slot automatically created or updated, based on the slot name in the subject. (Note that adding a subject to an existing slot in a report run portion does not change the slot name field in the subject’s details).
Slot names can be alphanumeric. For example, you could use numeric names to indicate the report’s relative position, or descriptive names that clearly identify the subjects that are to be included in the slots. Alternatively descriptive names could also describe the purpose of the slot, for example, CORE, ENG, MATH, ELECTIVES etc.
The order in which slots are listed in a report run portion, is the order in which the subjects will print. You can easily move slots into the desired print order within the portion, by selecting the slot and moving it up or down by using the blue triangle icons. Within a slot, subjects print in alphabetic order, based on the subject name.

How to have more than one teacher for a class?

Class Roles, which are created via the Tools > Security > Class Roles menu, allows you to assign more than one teacher to a class.

To assign a second teacher to a class you will need to have two class roles, for a third teacher, you would need to have three class roles, etc. Create as many roles, equal to the maximum number of teachers, as is required. Only assign a teacher to the additional roles where more than one teacher is required for a class.

For classes with only one teacher, leave the additional roles blank.

Printing all class teacher names on a report

When placing the teacher’s names on reports, you can choose to insert all teachers’ names when inserting Accelerus fields into the templates. For example, you can insert all teachers names separated by commas, with the last teachers name separated by ‘and’. Accelerus takes care of the different combinations of teachers possible across all your classes and correctly inserts one, two or more teachers correctly.




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